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The Guru - Jaclyn Esposito

Food has been my world for almost my entire life. I spent my childhood cooking and watching PBS cooking shows with my Grandmother. The first time I remember cooking on my own, my mother had come down with the flu. With my older siblings out of the house I volunteered to make dinner so that Mommy didn’t have to (I was about 11 years old). I pretty much made different kinds of boxed rice and pasta mixes for the family, and well, it was barely edible, but seeing how happy it made my Mother that I tried so hard, how proud of me she was, and how touched she was by my gesture made me feel wonderful. I kept working at my cooking, watched Food Network religiously, spent more time in the kitchen with my Mother and Grandmother, and by the age of fourteen I was cooking full Thanksgiving dinners for over 20 people.

I started college as a biology major with the intent to become a doctor, but it never felt right, I never felt a strong passion for what I was learning. I decided to give culinary school a shot during a Summer semester in South Florida. Within the first week of school I was hooked. I made it to the top of my class, won major state cooking competitions for my school, and even did a stint on Food Networks Ultimate Recipe Showdown, where I came in second place out of 10,000 hopefuls. Realizing that this is what I wanted to do for my life I transferred to the #1 ranked Culinary school in the country, The Culinary Institute of America. I graduated and held jobs in Miami, New York, and Philadelphia. I even worked for a certified master chef for a while.

I have always been the girl that loves to entertain, that loves to make people smile, laugh, and have a great time. Food for me is what gives us life, what brings people together. It is an experience, it provides us with memories, and has the ability to alter a persons mood, and perspective. It can inspire us, and nourish us; but for some it can make us very sick.

I found out that I was intolerant of gluten late in life. After having a horrible stomach since birth, constantly being in pain, agony, and dealing with nausia for over 22 years a doctor finally suggested that I try a gluten free diet. Being a New Yorker, the thought of giving up bagels, pizza, and NY deli sandwiches was devastating to me! Not to mention it is a bit tough to be a chef with a serious food allergy.

I made it my mission to figure out how to live gluten free deliciously!

For anyone that lives gluten free, you know how expensive it can be. Personally nothing gets under my skin more than forking over the extra cash for something to be gluten free and being disappointed by it.

So here it is, your guide to, eating, dining, and living gluten free deliciously! I will provide you with brutally honest reviews of restaurants, bakeries, and products, budget friendly gluten free recipes, and an occasional industry rant or antidote!