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Quick-Crunchy Gluten Free Quesadilla Tips

I have been moving around a bit recently, so I have been opting for quicker meals that will fill me up and give me energy to do some lifting, and quesadillas fit the bill! Quesadillas hit a number of satisfaction points for me, when they are done right! Warm melted cheese, perfectly seasoned filling, and crispy-blistered tortilla are just the basics of what you can do with a gluten free tortilla, some cheese, and anything else you have on hand! I have made breakfast quesadillas with scrambled eggs, ones loaded with veggies, as well as quesadillas filled with repurposed leftovers (I always have leftover rice when I order seemless). Quesadillas are so versatile and so quick too! Just follow my quesadilla tricks!

gluten free quesadilla
gluten free quesadilla


10 Quesadilla Tips and Tricks

  1. Use a pan large enough to fit the entire tortilla on the bottom of it.
  2. Very lightly grease the bottom with a small amount of fat, this will help you achieve that crunch factor, and those beautiful brown tortilla blisters!
  3. Start the pan on med-high heat, turn it down to med-low right when you begin to sear the tortilla, this will ensure that you get a nice sear on the outside, and melt everything together before the tortilla burns!
  4. Season everything in the quesadilla, You want to put tomatoes in there? Great season them separately before filling the quesadilla! Using some leftover white rice in it? Season it first! I would sprinkle a little taco seasoning into the rice before using it in a quesadilla.
  5. Cook any proteins in a separate pan before you fill the quesadilla! Any raw proteins must be cooked separately to ensure that it is fully cooked, you wont be able to cook chicken, or steak to a safe temperature by just cooking it in the quesadilla alone!
  6. Sprinkle a lot of cheese all over the quesadilla after it is in the pan. Don't be cheap! Cheese is the glue of the quesadilla! Quesadillas are supposed to be gooey and melty! I always sprinkle a good layer over the entire tortilla, and between each layer of filling if I am using multiple fillings.
  7. Only put the fillings on one half of the quesadilla, this will make them easier to close!
  8. When the cheese has started to melt and the fillings are all in place its time for the flip! Use a large spatula and flip the side that does not have the filling on it over the side with the fillings closing up the quesadilla.
  9. Always let the quesadilla sit for a couple of minutes before cutting it or everything will just ooze out.
  10. The easiest way to cut a quesadilla is to use sharp kitchen sheers (scissors)

The options are endless for your quesadilla fillings. You can simply fill it with cheese, maybe add some veggies.

The one pictured at the top of this post has arugula, tomato, seasoned rice, deli counter roast beef, and of course lots of cheese! I like serving mine with mashed seasoned avocado (recipe follows)

The quesadilla below is a breakfast quesadilla I made using the 10 tips and tricks mentioned above, I filled with with cooked scrambled eggs, kale, leftover rice, and leftover steak!

GF breakfast quesadilla
GF breakfast quesadilla

Avocado Mash


1 ripe avocado, flesh cut into small chunks

1 tsp olive oil or avocado oil

1 lime or lemon wedge, squeezed (you just need a tiny bit of citrus juice for this amount)

salt and pepper to taste


  • Mash the avocado, oil, and citrus juice with a fork or back of a spoon until smooth, some small chunks are okay.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste, serve with your quesadilla masterpiece!